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Dr. Seeley Feldmeyer five year experience - "I have started using AgmaSet for my own nerve functions and have obtained  healthy sensory functions in my legs. I am using AgmaSet for five years now and enjoy normal sensory functions at nighttime and when walking. Based on my experience I have since recommended AgmaSet to my patients."

Dr. Seeley T. Feldmeyer, M.D., M.S., MT (ASCP)<>

Chief of Staff, Meade District Hospital
Meade, KS 67864

Dr. Gary Young prescribes AgmaSet® since July, 2010 - "I first heard about AgmaSet back in July 2010 and decided to field test it with some of my patients - people with all kind of health-related nerve functions. And I've been prescribing it ever since that first test patient reported feeling good with healthier nerve functions and a better quality of life."

Dr. Gary Young, D.C.

HealthWorld Chiropractic Group
Hartsdale, New York, 10530

Dr. Neal G. Snyder Recommends - "I have been a chiropractic doctor for 29 years. I have  excellent results using AgmaSet for health-related spinal-nerve functions of the upper and lower extremities. I recommend this product highly."

Dr. Neal G. Snyder, D.C.

Chiropractic Health and Wellness Center
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Dr. Dana Clark Thanks - "Dr. Gilad, thank you for introducing me to AgmaSet. I manage a large number of patients with varying levels of health-related nerve functions arising from multiple causes and have found the addition of AgmaSet to significantly improve my patient outcomes..."

Dr. Dana Clark, D.C.

Pacific Coast Spine and Rehab
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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