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Dr. Gad M. Gilad and Mrs. Varda H. Gilad began their careers in the early 1970s as scientists at Cornell University and The Rockefeller University, respectively. Their common scientific interests led them to join forces and begin a long lasting legend of a husband-and-wife team effort aimed at unraveling molecular mechanisms, which underlie the nervous system ability to cope with traumatic injury and stress. They had worked together at several academic centers including the National Institutes of Health, the Weizmann Institute of Science and Harvard University.

They received numerous research grants and several awards including awards from The Weizmann Institute of Science and the Curt Richter Prize from the International Society of Psychoneuroendocrinology. The Gilads have together published over 100 scientific papers and own several patents.

In 1994, they have discovered the neuroprotective properties of the agmatine molecule and patented its use for enhancing the nervous system ability to cope with injury and disease. In 2000 following years of extensive experimental scientific research to characterize the molecular mechanisms underlying agmatine's action, the Gilads founded the Company to pursue the commercial development of agmatine as a nutraceutical. In 2004, they initiated human Clinical Trials, which demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of dietary G - Agmatine® (proprietary brand of agmatine) in providing spine-nerve structure/function benefits and affording proper sciatic nerve functions. These landmark studies were considered a 'proof-of-concept' for the safe and effective use of nutraceutical supplements containing G - Agmatine®, branded AgmaceuticalsTM, to support healthy nervous system functions. This, in turn served the basis for launching AgmaSet®, the first product in the AgmaceuticalsTM product line.

Gilad&Gilad is a privately owned, health science company with core competency in Neuroscience. The principal mission of the Company is to develop innovative solutions and to market evidence-based safe and effective products of superior quality for healthy bodily functions. Products of our AgmaceuticalsTM line promote healthy nervous system functions, thereby providing for a good quality of life.

We at Gilad&Gilad strive to build trust and credibility for our AgmaceuticalsTM brand based on continuous investment in scientific research and development.

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Our products are backed by solid scientific evidence and sound clinical studies. This is the 'Gilad&Gilad Principle' that earns the trust of healthcare professionals.

AgmaSet® (formerly NeurofencineTM) is our First-In-Class of dietary supplements for nerve health containing agmatine, which afford what is surely the best available solution for improving health-related nerve functions and quality of life.

- Approximately 30 million people in the US alone have to cope everyday with great challenges to nerve health and with threats to their nerve functions.

- Most are still unaware of AgmaSet® availability, but could greatly benefit by it.

Welcome to our Story

The foundation of our Company can be traced back to the breakthrough discovery of the neuroprotective properties of agmatine, made in 1994 by the neuroscientists founders of the Company. The discovery led Varda Gilad and Gad Gilad, who are working as a husband and wife team for many years, to propose (and patent) the use of agmatine for enhancing the capability of the nervous system to sustain harsh environmental conditions.

In 2000, the Gilads founded the Company to pursue the development of agmatine as a dietary ingredient. And in 2004, following extensive scientific research to characterize the molecular mechanisms of agmatine, they initiated the first clinical studies. These studies ended successfully in 2008 and established the safety and effectiveness of G - Agmatine® (Gilad&Gilad's proprietary trademarked brand of agmatine) for healthy nerve functions.  -  They have patented the use of high dosage G - Agmatine® in dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and food (including medical foods), and additional patents are pending.

In 2009, the Company set up headquarters in Los Angeles, California and established commercial production and marketing base for the exclusive AgmaceuticalsTM product line. AgmaSet® is the Company's first dietary supplement product, while AgmaVet® is the first animal food product.

In 2017, the Company relocated its headquarters to Henderson (Las Vegas), Nevada.

Present Research Efforts -  Gilad&Gilad is engaged in several clinical trials to substantiate the effectiveness of G-Agmatine® in other aspects of nervous system functions such as mood health and motor control health.
Further research activities are presently aimed at developing additional AgmaceuticalsTM for promoting healthy functions of other bodily systems, including: glucose metabolism, skin structure and function, cardiovascular performance, kidney activity and more.

Please check the 'News' page for principal milestones of the Company's development.


Our products contain G - Agmatine®, the best agmatine brand on the market, as their key active dietary ingredient for supporting nervous system health and functions. The purity of the source ingredients is verified by Mass Spectrometry (MS) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) techniques. The ingredients and products of Gilad&Gilad are tested, manufactured, packaged, stored and re-tested under cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practice) conditions in accordance with the US highest quality standards and regulations governing the industry. Our products are Free of  heavy metals, they do Not contain any allergens, preservatives or additives, and are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) and Gluten-Free. Stability testing of the product, which includes real-time and accelerated stability testing, were performed at specified time intervals to determine the shelf life, ensuring continued efficacy and purity of our products. Our contract manufacturing facility operates under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cGMP regulations and is licensed and certified by the State of California, Department of Public health, Food and Drug Branch. We maintain secure long-term records of our individual customers and a follow-up system to keep track of customer satisfaction.